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History of FCA Edmonton Chapter

Founding of the Edmonton chapter

In February of 2019, after numerous conversations and emails with the FCA in Vancouver, a group of local artists started discussing the possibility of forming an FCA chapter in Edmonton.

The enthusiasm was huge; the number of active artists eligible to form a chapter was not. It was obvious that more active status artists needed to be recruited to the FCA from the Edmonton area.

With the combined efforts of Barbra Regamey McDonald, Joyce Boyer, Cindy Revell AFCA, Doris Charest AFCA and Miles Constable, a jurying session was held on November 28, 2019.

This jurying session successfully recruited 18 additional active status artists. Combined with the active and signature status artists already committed to forming the chapter, there were now more than enough to move forward with a founding meeting.

On Sunday February 2, 2020, the Federation of Canadian Artists Edmonton Chapter 

successfully held its founding meeting with 25 FCA active and signature members present.

An executive board was formed and the next day, Feb. 3, 2020, a year after the initial discussions began, the formal application for chapter status was approved by the executive director of the Federation of Canadian Artists and the FCA Edmonton Chapter became official!

The FCA Edmonton Chapter membership consists of an exciting and  eclectic mix of styles and genres.

They also possess a wide variety of art related skills including education design and delivery, art adjudication, exhibition curation, event management, journalism, marketing and promotion, graphic design, gallery and art association management, illustration, web design, display and prop design, system and visualization design, social media management, and interior design.

Many members are award winning artists whose work is exhibited in galleries and public art collections locally, nationally and internationally.

Federation of Canadian Artists Edmonton Chapter

Edmonton, Alberta


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