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Contact our volunteer staff via email:


for questions regarding becoming an affiliate, requirements to become an active affiliate, and membership fees.


for questions regarding purchases of exhibited artwork, current or upcoming exhibitions and calls for artist submissions.


for questions regarding workshops, presentations, artistic gatherings and social events as well as registrations and cancellations for these events.


for questions regarding the use of this website, logging in, changing your password, updating your profile, or difficulties registering for a chapter event.


for general questions not covered by the topics above as well as opportunities for the Edmonton Chapter.


for questions regarding your affiliate account or the financial affairs of the chapter.

Calling Potential Volunteers!

If you see a gap of information resources to the left, please consider offering to fill that gap in our volunteer staffing. We would love to include you in our team.

There are many small efforts that can provide big value to your fellow affiliates. We are extremely appreciative of our team of volunteers and honour their contributions along with their artwork on our Home page.

Join our merry band of creatives!

Federation of Canadian Artists Edmonton Chapter

Edmonton, Alberta


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